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Civically minded since a young age, Katherine's experience in both the Arts and Investment Banking (more specifically holding Series 7 and Series 63 Licences) has given her equal footing in both the creative side of society and the financial workings behind the scenes. A devoted mother who strongly follows news and events that doesn't make mainstream headlines. Kathy spends a majority of her free time making connections with those of like mind and sharing the information she finds using all manner of sources. Discernment and a little intuitive faith has enabled Kathy to bring others into the ‘Truth’ Arena, and helped to educate while allowing personal freedom, regardless of the situation or circumstance. Katherine shows an open love for all beings and is happy to listen to opposing views with respect for each individual opinion, religious upbringing or experience. Katherine's flexibility and genuine understanding that we are all unique, yet wish for the same happiness – and her distaste for conflict of all variety – is what makes Katherine a pleasantly unique individual and an informative presenter for the show she co-founded: the ideal mix for successfully hosting at Truth Connections Radio.

A Creative Artist and mother of 3, Tamara voluntarily fell into the role of Chief Admin for a number of successful projects since her first serious step into the Truth Movement in 2009. Tamara handled all things A–Z as Truth Connections Admin. Although she is no longer active in the day-to-day operations of Truth Connections Radio, she supports us from afar while running her Administrative Assisting Business and will always remain our Co-Founder.


Truth is the viral cure for what some may define as 'the mental infection of confusion' and discernment isn't always easy. The search for answers among a sea of un-truths of all depths and densities can lead one to simply lay back, discouraged, and float with the tide. TRUTH CONNECTIONS brings awareness to the umbrella of issues that surround humanity today, as well as those we foresee for tomorrow. Using intelligently sourced information gathering and viable data points from just about every relatable topic from science to suspicion, we aim to connect the relevant, reasonable, sane but perhaps not apparent links as we search for the hidden reality that so many of us find hard to see.

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